Google Earth

Aug 31, 2005 by

Imagine a world map that fits on a desktop and includes overlays for political borders, geographic terrain, sites of major volcanoes and fault...

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Flexible Online Timelines

Aug 27, 2005 by

I’ve seen timelines used in almost every level of education and in every discipline of learning. Personally, I’ve had students use timelines to list...

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Rhythm Re-Mix

Jul 7, 2005 by

Here’s a couple of ideas for working on rhythm in the music room, or practicing pattern recognition in math. Special thanks to Shawn for...

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PowerPoint Jeopardy

May 17, 2005 by

As most educators know, students (and many teachers) absolutely love to play games. Among some of the more favorite in classes I’ve taught are...

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Ask an Expert

May 13, 2005 by

While it seems important to some students to have the teacher be an authority on the subject matter (read as some students want to be able to tell...

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