New World Advertisement Company

Oct 9, 2009 by

I decided last weekend that I was thoroughly bored with my traditional Explorer Baseball Card Project. Besides, now that Topps actually makes real...

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CIA Factbook Data Visible in Google Earth

May 14, 2009 by

With a headline like that, I don’t expect many to read the post, but my brain is a bit mushy this morning, so bear with me, please. The CIA...

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Forum Friday – Reality Check…or Real Pirates Aren’t in Disney Movies

May 8, 2009 by

On most Fridays I like to pull a resource or interesting topic of discussion from either the nearly defunct forum here on the site, or from...

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Senatus Populusque Romanus – Ancient Rome Comes to Google Earth

Nov 13, 2008 by

Aeneas first led a group of Trojan refugees to its hillsides. Romulus murdered his brother at its foundations. Caesar eyed it greedily as he crossed...

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Civics Lessons Beyond the Election

Nov 4, 2008 by

I’ve seen the flurry of election related blog posts in the last two months, and I’ve read about some exciting ways to use the Internet...

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Where’s Waldo Finally Comes to Google Earth

Nov 3, 2008 by

Given the addictive ability to find one’s house/school/favorite donut shop in Google Earth, it was only a matter of time before the equally...

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