Tricia Fuglestad’s Vine Art is Beautiful

Jul 12, 2015 by

Tricia Fugelstad is more than just an elementary art teacher and technology enthusiast. She’s a digital artist savant, elevating even the simplest of 6-second videos to a level I will probably never equal; I’m both impressed and slightly jealous of her work. Jealous in that I don’t possess the inherent imagination to mix digital and analog mediums the way Tricia does so easily. And impressed that while her personality and style is quick to surface with her cheerful Do Ink app work, she can just as easily shift into artwork that starts to scratch through to deeper emotions. Tricia’s playfulness and creativity is evident in her bright kid-friendly creations. Her artwork is full of playful images of robots, flowers, and warm memories of the world. And that playfulness lends itself to a more “magical” piece of 6-second video that’s more than just a seamless Vine; it’s a small vignette of art both old and new...

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Slow Life Down with Photobooth

Jun 9, 2012 by

It’s the weekend, time for a few errands, grocery shopping, mending a bit of that landscape edging you promised your wife you’d get to a month ago, and spending some time with the kids. Truth be told, our weekends are usually all sorts of busy here in the Rimes’ household, and I’m sure any other family with younger children will agree, it’s far too easy to find yourself working harder on a Saturday than you might have during the week. We’d like to think of Saturday and Sunday as “lazy” days in which we can relax with our family and friends, and just enjoy the brief time we have before heading “back to the edu-coal mines” on Monday. Reality though, typically means that we plan more activities and structure instead of playtime on those two precious days (at least it feels that way in our house many weekends). So...

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Brief and Shallow Investigation of Careers in Art

Oct 21, 2011 by

It’s Friday, I’m burned out, and this video single handily restored my energy! It’s brilliant in its honesty, sincerity, and technique. I have a feeling that if you happen to be a student in Tricia Fuglestad’s classroom, you’re blessed each and every time you find yourself in a creative mood with a teacher that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Just take a look at her video for proper “glue safety” in the art room, something that’s near and dear to my wife’s heart as an elementary art teacher. If you want to see a teacher practicing great 21st century skills by opening up her classroom to the world, go check out her wiki, FugleFlicks, and check out some of the creativity that she brings into her...

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Eaten Any Good Art Lately?

Jun 15, 2011 by

I usually don’t post anything so obviously related to the title, but I’m really quite poor at trying to think abstractly, and a more “artistic” metaphor doesn’t spring to mind when watching this film. Suffice it to say, if you’re an art and/or digital media teacher, and you work with teenagers or students at the secondary level, this video is for you! Ostensibly, the film by Leo Verrier is a tribute to Jackson Pollock, but I think there’s a deeper message that any art teacher could use in the classroom; is art and media simply something we “consume” as a culture, or partake in as a living breathing part of our cultural identity? I find that Vimeo is full of these gems, as the community surrounding Vimeo is much more artistically inclined (or at least the curators of the site are) than the community over at YouTube. It’s a treasure trove...

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And Now For Something Completely Different…

Nov 4, 2009 by

What could you do with this video in your classroom? My “off the cuff” ideas: Language Arts: Have the students write a companion poem for the video (middle or high school) Math: Have the students attempt to estimate the amount of surface area painted during the course of the video (extra credit) Science: Using the position of the sun, try to determine how many days/hours the artists spent creating this work (really difficult extra credit) Fine Arts: Create a video mural of your own, just a wee bit...

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