Help Ben Rimes Read a Book, Please!

Sep 21, 2012 by

It may come as a shock to many of my educational colleagues and friends, but I’m not “a reader.” Alright, so that’s a bit...

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“Dude, Where’s My Advanced Google Image Search?”

Jan 16, 2012 by

Richard Byrne posted a great screencast about how to locate the Google Advanced Image Search now that it’s hidden from plain sight in the new...

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Google Demo Slam – Typing Race

Mar 22, 2011 by

This video is a long time in production, and certainly wasn’t posted in time for the excellent Google sponsored Demo Slam competition, but I...

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Teleport Around the Globe in 80 Seconds

Nov 3, 2010 by

I’m always looking for new ways to grab student’s attention as I lead into a new unit or lesson, and when I come across something...

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Google Demo Slam – Get Creative Teachers!

Nov 1, 2010 by

Over the weekend I received a typical e-mail for me from some internet and/or social media marketer. Usually it’s someone trying to promote a...

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