Science Teacher Sing-A-Long!

Dec 4, 2005 by

I’ll never forget my high school chemistry teacher. He always loved a good song. Whether it be science related or not, he would constantly hum and...

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Google, meet your match!

Dec 1, 2005 by

Using Google to search the Internet is a lot like trying to find a book without a card catalogue. A what?! That’s right, one of those old, wooden,...

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Food Webs in the 21st Century

Nov 30, 2005 by

Planning for an engaging way to have my sixth graders assemble food chains and webs was a challenge given their video game mentality, so I took an...

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I’m a Spammer?!

Nov 29, 2005 by

I opened my inbox this morning to discover an e-mail from AOL saying that my mail was undeliverable. While I don’t use AOL as my e-mail provider,...

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The Nutrition Cafe

Nov 28, 2005 by

Food, the single most surefire and easy way to engage any group of students. Start mentioning pizza, hot dogs, apple pie, or cheeseburgers and I’ve...

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Happy Turkey Day – Let’s Write!

Nov 23, 2005 by

Just wanted to send a warm message of Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers. Enjoy your family or loved ones, eat plenty of food, and above all...

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