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Feb 14, 2006 by

I got a nice little e-mail yesterday from the folks over at Apparently the Tech Savvy Educator has been chosen as one of their “Blogs of the Day.” In addition the site has also been given a “Science & Technology Award.” While I’m sincerely flattered, I must pass on the accolades to my readers, volunteers, and members. As I continue to watch the number of subscribers to the site grow, and other educators offer up their comments and thoughts, I’m encouraged to continue writing, sharing, and exploring how technology can be used in the classroom.

For those not familiar with RedOrbit, it’s a community driven news site for Science, Health, Technology, and Space. I’ve been poking around their site today and they have some good articles, including free streaming video news stories. They also have lots of online measurement tools and resources for Science Educators, including an Ask an Astronomer feature and daily Science Lessons for K-12.

I should have a permanent page for these in a couple of days, but here’s the lovely images they sent me for accepting their honors. Yay 🙂

RedOrbit - Blog of the Day

RedOrbit - Science & Technology Award

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  1. Angela

    Congratulations, Ben. The is a well deserved award. I always enjoy learning from your blog!

  2. Tom

    Between that and the compliments from Steve Dembo! Great job Ben.

    This place will be too high class for me to hang around in before too long. : )

  3. Ben

    Thanks Angela, it was a very unexpected surprise, so I was honored to have received it. Like I said in the post though, it wouldn’t have happened without people reading, linking to, and sharing my thoughts with others.

    Tom: LOL, no worries on the high class. I mean, some of my pages actually contain tables instead of pure CSS html 🙂