Ben Rimes
K-12 Educational Technology Coordinator – Mattawan Consolidated School District, Michigan
Advisory Board – Playful Learning Network
Former Board Member – Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning

As someone who works closely with teachers integrating technology in my school district I am constantly blessed with teaching students that are always in awe of the amazing creations and connections made possible with computers and the internet. As a graduate of Western Michigan University, I knew very early in my educational career that I was passionate about technology and how using it allows for student-centered learning to flourish. I continue to look for new ways to enhance my own understanding of educational technology as a member of MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning).

As a graduate of the University of Michigan – Flint’s Technology in Education: Global Program, I’ve been able to work with some amazing educators from around the world in leveraging technology to connect learners and explore the possibilities of social networking in the classroom. If you have a cool project, I’d love to know about it, blog about it, and even introduce my students and teachers to it!

When not blogging, presenting, or advocating for the use of technology in education I enjoy catching up on Saturday morning cartoons, and romping around the house with my children.

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