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The Many Realities of Blended Learning – Personalized Learning Conference

Reading Materials that Inspired This View of Blended Learning

Blended Learning Professional Development

Mobile’s Killer App

Are We Ready for a Post-Keynote World?

Hanging Out with Google+


Video Story Problems

Why Video Story Problems?

Dan Meyer’s 101 Questions

Resources for Creating Video Story Problems

Video Story Problem Channel

Literary Works Referenced

6 Ways to Create a Story Without a Pencil

Digital Storytelling Platforms

Video Sharing Alternatives to YouTube

Video Sharing Sites

DIY Video Sharing
Collaborative Online Video Editing

Diigo: Social Bookmarking Evolved

Google Earth Session

Google Earth Resource Blogs & Websites

via Google Earth Blog…

via Google Sigtseeing

via Placespotting

Google Earth Scavenger Hunts and Resources to Get You Started

Read, Please Session

Online Listening Sites

Text to Voice Programs

Online Voice Recording Sites

Stellarium Session

Lessons & Ideas


Student Response Systems: Clickers, Google Forms, & Voicethread


Google Forms

Survey Creators Similar to Google Forms