Videoconferences are just a gateway drug man…

Nov 1, 2007 by

The premise is humorous enough, one piece of technology leading to bigger and greater uses of technology, but the implications are serious. Often, teachers will get hooked with a project, website, or gadget, and then want more. They figure out how best to use a technology resource, master it, and then start looking for the bigger project, website, or gadget (I’m personally addicted to my iBook and can’t imagine NOT upgrading to a MacBook when it comes time).

Janine Lim, an authority on the web when it comes to Video-conferencing, wrote a humorous, yet relevant post today about videoconferencing, and one VC experience in particular that serves as a “gateway drug” to other video-conferences. If you’ve never done a video-conference before, and want to know why they’re so addicting, it would serve you well to read Janine’s quick post about 3 reasons why the Read Around the Planet project is a great way to get started with video-conferencing.

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