How To: Delete Google+ Profile

Dec 1, 2015 by

No, this is not a curmudgeonly post deriding a social media platform that many in the tech world claim is dead (news flash, educators and You-tubers love their free social networks). But sadly, like many in the ed tech world, for every Google Apps for Education account you have, you’ve likely unwittingly established a Google+ Profile. Which means for someone like me, I have half a dozen “ghost” accounts on the social media platform, taunting people into following them, pretending to be the “real me.” It becomes extra frustrating when I see Google+ recommend that I follow myself as someone of interest.

So rather than live the lives of multiple personalities running around Google+, I’ve decided to dispatch my social media horcruxes until I’ve restored my digital soul to just one Google+ account that I can confidently manage without confusion. It wasn’t that difficult to do, and if you’re in the same boat, I would highly recommend doing the same…for your sanity’s sake. You can watch the video below, or on Youtube here to see just how easy it is to delete your Google+ account.



  1. Well after they basically forced you to create these profiles, it’s nice that they’ve also made them so easy to delete 😉

    • Right?! Google is great at a good many things, but their management of accounts through Google+ has been frustrating.