Exploring the Adobe Education Exchange – Legend of Captain Slackbeard

Sep 29, 2011 by

In my ongoing exploration of the Adobe Education Exchange, and coverage of the Adobe Educator’s Awards, I stumbled across this really simple, and effective tool for younger students that need practice with or introduction to the concept of a coordinate grid. Kristine Kopelke, an Australian educator who works with technology, communications, and interactive tools with a wide variety of teachers, created and shared this great flash game that lets students explore the coordinate X,Y system with a cute theme. The idea is to help Captain Slackbeard find his lost treasure by using the coordinates on the map. It’s very simplistic in that students only have right answers to click on, and don’t suffer any consequences for wrong choices, but in a way that’s a very nice, and refreshing way for students to practice plotting points on a coordinate grid in a “skill and drill” fashion. Check out my video...

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