Video Story Problem – How Much Shampoo?!

May 9, 2011 by

In my ever constant, and increasingly obscure, quest to pose real life curiosities and problems that I come across throughout the week, I’ve...

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E-Waste: Dumping on the Poor

Apr 14, 2010 by

Every April I like to do at least one environmental-themed lesson or activity with my students. I’m not a granola-eating hippie that’s...

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Earth Day Should Be Everyday – SimCity, Eat Your Heart Out!

Apr 9, 2008 by

I’m a recovering hardcore gamer. In college, I would purchase at least 2 to 3 video games a month, play Mario Kart well past midnight (but...

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Earth Day Should Be Everyday – Planet Green Game

Mar 26, 2008 by

Many blogs I follow usually provide resources for special days of the year the day before, or on the special date. Which is why I thought I’d...

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