Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Jan 7, 2013 by

I let myself get caught up with several of the new Google+ Communities over Christmas break. While I’ve mostly been seeing a lot of cross-posting by some of the bigger “ed tech” heavy-weights spamming opportunities and interesting articles across several communities (mostly good mind you), there have been a few bright points of conversation, most of them stemming from Steve Hargadon’s Education Revolution community. In addition to exploring the wonderfully reflective questions and conversations that Steve can induce in most corners of the Internet, I also signed up for #ETMOOC, one of those trendy Massively Open Online Courses with a twist; it’s taking a desegregated  approach to conversation and learning in that all of the participants will be blogging on their own individual websites and blogs, with the results being syndicated through a central hub. It’s very much akin to DS106 (it should be as they’re both sharing the same...

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Merry GIFmas to All!

Dec 20, 2012 by

I wanted to take a moment this evening from all of the animated GIF creations to send warm wishes and good tidings to all of those wonderful people in my life that support me, challenge me, and help me make it through each and every day. From my fantastic co-workers and hard working educators in Mattawan Schools, to my loving family and close friends both near and far, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! To my ds106 brothers and sisters, and all of the other incredible educators that I follow on Twitter, thank you for helping shape me as an educator, and may you have a Happy Holidays! To anyone who may be passing by my blog as they stumble across the Internet, I wish you the warmest of Season’s Greetings as well! I felt determined to produce something that would be more than just the...

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Lazy Create: Inspirational Classroom Images

Aug 15, 2012 by

When I was young, I remember the often corny, yet well-intentioned, motivational and inspirational posters that my teachers would tape to the walls. Whether it was kittens, scenes from nature, or celebrities telling me how cool reading is, I noticed that some posters appeared in more than one classroom. Throughout my formative years, certain posters crept up more often than others, and whether it was just that those posters were more popular, or if the teachers just got a bunch of freebies throughout the district of the same ones, I always thought it would be fun to make your own. And that’s just what I did today during one of Rushton Hurley’s digital media workshops. Since I use most of the tools and resources extensively that Rushton talks about, I thought I’d use my “exploration” time to use a piece of creative commons media, rather than just find an...

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How To: Photoshop Magic Lasso

Jun 12, 2012 by

I’m not much one for creating “how to” videos, at least not ones that I share publicly on a regular basis, but I felt as though I owed it to some of the people whose blogs I’m following to help out a bit with the monolithic application that is Photoshop. Don’t get too excited though, I am far from being a Photoshop expert, most of my skills having waned since being a heavy Photoshop Contest participant in the early 2000s. When I saw Melanie Barker complete the quick, but fun “Slide Guy” assignment (which coincidentally remind me of a lot of the Fark contests), I was impressed. When she said she did it because she was afraid of Photoshop, I wanted to share just a couple of simple tools that I use for cutting and pasting elements from one image to another. Below is the image I created for the...

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Dear Obstinate Learners

May 30, 2012 by

Sean Astin and Kevin Bacon starred in a film back in the late 80s titled White Water Summer. What starts as a rather innocent summer camping trip meant to help shape a few young men’s outdoor survival skills while teaching important life lessons, turns into a battle of wills. Alan, a teen more focused on sports, computers, and isn’t entirely excited about “roughing it” begins to butt heads with Vic, the lone adult leader of this wilderness adventure. Alan, played by Sean Astin, tries to use his wits and crafts several “smarter” ways of getting things done in the great outdoors, one of the more powerful scenes being his creation of a fishing trap, catching a horde of fish for dinner. Vic, the “do it the right way” leader, admonishes Alan for using his brains rather than his brawn, and after berating him in front of the other campers,...

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