30 Days of Work Stats in 90 Seconds

Oct 16, 2013 by

I’ve written about speeding up my work day in the past. I even took the time to turn it into a rather simplistic ds106 video assignment.¬†For me, altering the speed of a video clip feels like a cheap emotional¬†trick (not that I’m not above easy emotional manipulation). So I wanted to give 60 minutes of my time in front of computer a twist that would hopefully give it a more thoughtful glimpse into my work day. It also gave me an opportunity to see what I could glean from Google’s Account Activity tool. It’s a terribly useful (or frightening depending on the results) cursory look at the number of emails sliding on and out of your inbox, videos you’ve watched on YouTube, and a few other bits of analytics. In the last 30 days I’ve received more than 1200 emails. That’s an average of 40 emails a day finding...

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This is Digital Storytelling

Jan 15, 2013 by

Last week I introduced myself to the #ETMOOC course with a rather whimsical poster of me enjoying a snack and a few tid bits of information. This week? I thought I’d tackle a few of the thoughts and ideas that came out of the Elluminate Live session last night. One of the ideas that seemed to be at the forefront of the conversation was digital storytelling, and how to define it. I didn’t participate in that session, as I was attending to much more important duties; playdoh play time with my kids. I actually created a video of our play time last night, not only because I needed an excuse to use the Frameograph App on my iPhone (I’ve been neglecting it), but I wanted to kick off this post about what digital storytelling “is” with a simple, but fun, example.   The video wasn’t as interesting as I...

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Autumn Memory

Nov 28, 2011 by

This past Thanksgiving break was one of the most relaxing, peaceful, and downright memorable holidays I’ve had in a long time. Among the highlights of the break were homemade cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving Skype session with relatives in South Carolina, crepes for brunch, driving around Chicago with my brother while car shopping in the rain, and raking the yard with my kids (who are both old enough now to enjoy the raking and the jumping in the leaf pile). As I reflected on this Thanksgiving break while sitting in front of the fire Sunday afternoon after saying good bye and well wishes to the last of our holidays visitors, I couldn’t help but feel the need to make another “Speed up Your Work Day” video assignment for ds106…only with a bit of a twist towards the end. While my two previous submissions for this assignment focused strictly on speeding up...

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My 1200 mph Commute

Sep 19, 2011 by

If anyone was a fan of “Out of Control”, the wacky Dave Coulier hosted show on Nickelodeon, they’ll probably remember a segment known as “Hurry Up!”. During the segment, Dave would take a video clip submitted by a viewer, and “hurry up” a portion of their day that was considered boring, dreary, and otherwise a chore. For example, hurrying up a school day or math test, but managing to slow time back down during recess or some other equally awesome event. Over the summer, I decided to take that concept and make a ds106 assignment out of it called “Speed Up Your Work Day”. The idea was to both show people what it is I do for a good portion of my day, as well as have a bit of fun with video editing, and seeing how playing around with time affects a digital story. And that’s when I...

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30 Minutes @ Work in 90 Seconds

Jul 16, 2011 by

I’m a teacher, an educator, an educational technology coordinator, an instructional technologist……I work for a school. That’s usually how I introduce what it is I do to people these days, as my true job is actually quite difficult to explain. Not just from the standpoint of everything I’m involved with, but more importantly, there’s a large portion of the non-educational world that simply doesn’t understand that school staff consists of more than just teachers, principals, lunch ladies, bus drivers, and janitors. Quite common in many schools (budget permitting) you’ll find reading specialists, interventionists, instructional technologists, and a whole host of other instructional coaches and subject specific specialists that support teachers in ways that make education much more meaningful, efficient, and effective. So as I attempt to explain what my role is, I usually explain about how I help coordinate video conferences, work on special technology projects for the district,...

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