I Wrote a “Thank You” Note Today

Jun 4, 2014 by

Not a quick email to say thanks. Not a little slip of paper or sticky note with a happy thought. I wrote an honest to goodness thank you note (written in cursive of all things!). It wasn’t terribly long, just a few lines; but it felt good to take a few minutes to recognize and give thanks to an educator that I appreciate for taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to lead myself and a few others on a tour of her school district. It gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling despite a chilly rain shower pounding on the windows of my office.

Sometimes low tech if the way to go.

Sometimes low tech if the way to go.

I’m not trying to fluff myself up here, or proclaim that going “luddite” for the morning is some sort of new trend that we all need to hop on board with. However, as much as I struggled with remembering how to properly loop my cursive letters (it’s been forever since I’ve written anything other than my name in cursive), and as much time as I might have “lost” not going the traditional digital route, I appreciated taking my time to craft something that not only spoke of my sentiment, but displayed it as well. At least, I hope a simple thank you card can convey that.

Special thanks to Ann Smart for sending the “Thank You” note that inspired me to send my own.

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