Video Story Problem Workshop in Ann Arbor – June 18th

I probably should have mentioned this sooner, but I’m notoriously bad at self promotion. Next week I’ll be leading a workshop on getting started with the “Video Story Problem Project” at the June gathering of the Institute for Innovation in Education (iiE). If you’re a teacher in Michigan and are looking to grab a few state continuing education clock hours next week, I promise it will be one of the most interactive workshops you’ve ever attended. The iiE is an international gathering of educators at the University of Michigan, and is focused on helping re-invent learning through conversation, collaboration, and breaking educators with complimentary skills together to help build global solutions to educational issues.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? I thought it was, which is why I’m leading a workshop as a part of the pre-conference offerings for teachers!

We’ll be shooting video, sharing student and teacher examples of video story problems, and talking about how to take the first baby steps to reimagining both formative assessment and a more inquisitive approach to math education. We’re not talking about Earth-shattering, paradigm-shifting, ground-breaking technological breakthroughs here. Just a few teachers, some cameras and mobile devices, and a willingness to “play” a little bit while we learn.

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