Video Story Problem – Probability at the Toy Store

Mar 30, 2011 by

I’ve been working on a series of video story problems in hopes of injecting some more engagement within math classes in my district, but also to explore ways to bring the real world into the classroom. Most of videos may appear staged, but they’re all based on actual questions I’ve been curious about, and usually are shot “in the moment”. The idea is to capture lots of different types of problems and questions in order to build up a large library of video resources. Once I’ve got enough to serve as a model I can start helping teachers in my district make their own, or even have students start submitting video story problems that they capture using their own cellphones or other mobile devices. The video today was shot at a local toy store; it’s one of those really cool old-school toy stores that sells a lot of exploratory...

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3 Ways to Use Wordle for More Than Fluff

Feb 8, 2011 by

The visual word clouds created by Wordle and other word cloud services on the web aren’t anything new, they’ve been around for a few years. However, like a great many newer web 2.0 tools, I quite often see a lot of ineffective use of these tools in the classroom. That’s not to say I think the teachers themselves are ineffective, in fact it’s usually the most tech savvy and educational effective teachers that are using tools like Wordle. However, as even these tech savvy teachers keep up with the changing landscape of educational tools, not enough time is often available to closely examine a new website to carefully dissect what the tool is capable of, and how it might be used most effectively. Too often a larger number of teachers get caught up in the “wow” factor of some great new ability of the read/write web (does anyone still...

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