Video Story Problem – Probability at the Toy Store

I’ve been working on a series of video story problems in hopes of injecting some more engagement within math classes in my district, but also to explore ways to bring the real world into the classroom. Most of videos may appear staged, but they’re all based on actual questions I’ve been curious about, and usually are shot “in the moment”. The idea is to capture lots of different types of problems and questions in order to build up a large library of video resources. Once I’ve got enough to serve as a model I can start helping teachers in my district make their own, or even have students start submitting video story problems that they capture using their own cellphones or other mobile devices.

The video today was shot at a local toy store; it’s one of those really cool old-school toy stores that sells a lot of exploratory toys (think Playmobil), and they have a healthy collection of table top and board games. Enjoy, and if you spot some areas of improvement, let me know. I’m a huge fan of constructive criticism!