Animalia for iPhone & iPod Touch Free This Weekend – Video Preview

Nov 13, 2010 by

Animalia is a famous alliterative alphabet book published in the late 80s, and is fond in the hearts of many in my generation. The hours I spent in...

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School as Punishment or Puzzle

Jul 27, 2009 by

Week one of my residency in Geneva is done, but I still have thoughts from the first day rattling through my head. Despite my instructor’s...

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What Do You Do When You Have to Punt?

Dec 3, 2008 by

My building tech person poked her head into my room this morning before school started to deliver some bad news, “Internet is down, guess...

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Best Time Waster This Week – Sound Factory

Nov 17, 2008 by

As a part of my never ending and incredibly infrequent series of addictive time-wasting games, I offer up Sound Factory. While I can’t take...

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Dance Mat Typing…or Why I Don’t Need Anymore Typing Websites

Oct 29, 2008 by

As I sit here watching a group of 3rd graders eagerly typing away at their keyboards, I find myself aghast that I haven’t written about Dance...

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Earth Day Should Be Everyday – SimCity, Eat Your Heart Out!

Apr 9, 2008 by

I’m a recovering hardcore gamer. In college, I would purchase at least 2 to 3 video games a month, play Mario Kart well past midnight (but...

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