Animalia for iPhone & iPod Touch Free This Weekend – Video Preview

Animalia is a famous alliterative alphabet book published in the late 80s, and is fond in the hearts of many in my generation. The hours I spent in front of this “hunt and find” style book are too numerous to recount, but suffice it to say it’s “Where’s Waldo” like illustrations are beautiful collages that capture the imagination of early elementary aged students, and will keep you busy trying to find alphabet themed images on each page.

The app is just as addicting, with mini-games based on the the “find the image” concept from the book, in addition to a “find Graeme” game that proves just as difficult as the original from the print version. What’s even better is that this app is completely FREE this weekend, November 13th and 14th, 2010. Apparently there’s a special promotion going on, so if you happen to have an iPhone or iPod Touch, and work with young students, this is a must-get! Follow the link below to download, and check out the video preview of the iPad version by the author/illustrator himself, Graeme Base.

Animalia for iPhone & iPod Touch