Calling all Poets!

Apr 11, 2012 by

It’s no secret that I’m a “hit and miss poet”. While I’d like to believe that my expository writing has improved since I started writing on a regular basis via this blog 7 years ago (I’ll let you pass judgement on the quality of my writing), I find that prose and other literary forms escape my realm of competence. Sure, I can turn out a decent poem or two if given enough time to consider meter, verse, and similes that don’t harken back to my grade school days. In fact, I feel that I wrote a rather decent cinquain inspired by this image today. What luminous delights are these that flit and slide across the screen they flicker forth new life and tease of new found exploration’s sheen glowing dreams for us to glean On the other hand, more often than not my poems are much more pedestrian. Consider...

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Come Write Poetry With Me This April!

Mar 19, 2012 by

I’m a terrible poet. No really, I am. Whether it’s over-using simplistic imagery devices, abusing similes, or providing rather juvenile metaphors that make other novice poetry writer’s efforts seem sublime, I can’t write consistently decent lines of verse to save my life. Which is why I need practice! So much of our educational experiences, including our own and those we thrust upon our students, is building up to the holy grail of reading and writing, the all hallowed “final draft”. We become so fixated on that final goal, it’s often easy to miss all of the tiny little daily writing opportunities that help our students become better incrementally, and emphasize the process and practice over the final product. I don’t think I’d find many teachers that would argue with me on this point, but I do know many teachers that are often shoe-horned into instructional practice that has been prescribed by...

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“Nom Nom Nom Cookies!” – Friday Morning Poetry

Dec 9, 2011 by

As a way of introducing more creativity into my daily routine, I decided to act on an impulse Wednesday night while making sugar cookies for a gathering at school the next day. My wife was helping me clean up from 3 hours of rolling, cutting, and baking up some of the best cookie dough we’ve ever made, and we looked down at two rather crisp looking cookie men. They were left over from the first batch of the evening, a batch that I had rolled out far too thinly, and thus had turned into crunchy little morsels of sugar and flour. Adding to their misfortune were misshapen appendages, pushed and pulled while still cooling into comical poses of surprise. As we washed the last dish, and sealed the last of the cookies into a tupperware container to keep the mice that live in our walls from enjoying our Christmas...

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Write a Poem, Win a Lenovo m90z ThinkCentre!

Apr 25, 2011 by

The special day has finally arrived! Today, April 25th, marks the start of my giveaway contest for a brand new Lenovo m90z ThinkCentre desktop computer. It’s big, it’s shiny, and if you’re the lucky winner you’ll be able to smudge the screen to your hearts’ desire because this thing has touch input! At 23 inches, and a full multi-touch experience, this computer would be great in an elementary classroom as a touch-powered, interactive digital learning center, useful for students with fine motor control problems preventing keyboard and mouse interaction, or as a learning kiosk in a public place within your school building. There are many more uses, but I’ll let the winner decide how they’re going to use it! “How do you enter to Win?!” Since it’s National Poetry Month, I thought it would be fitting for everyone to dust off their inner poet, and write a poem about...

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