Write a Poem, Win a Lenovo m90z ThinkCentre!

The special day has finally arrived! Today, April 25th, marks the start of my giveaway contest for a brand new Lenovo m90z ThinkCentre desktop computer. It’s big, it’s shiny, and if you’re the lucky winner you’ll be able to smudge the screen to your hearts’ desire because this thing has touch input! At 23 inches, and a full multi-touch experience, this computer would be great in an elementary classroom as a touch-powered, interactive digital learning center, useful for students with fine motor control problems preventing keyboard and mouse interaction, or as a learning kiosk in a public place within your school building. There are many more uses, but I’ll let the winner decide how they’re going to use it!

“How do you enter to Win?!”

Since it’s National Poetry Month, I thought it would be fitting for everyone to dust off their inner poet, and write a poem about using technology. It could be about how you use technology in your classroom, with students, with other educators, or even the trials and tribulations of navigating the social media landscape. Any poem about technology is fair game, whether it’s a haiku, a limerick, prose, or any other type of poem, but it MUST be original (plagiarized poems will automatically disqualify your entry). Submit your poem in the comments below, along with a valid e-mail address to ensure that I can contact the winner once selected. Entries may be submitted until 9pm EST on April 29th.

“Are there any restrictions?”

Other than having a pulse, and submitting a poem about technology in the comments, there are no other restrictions. Anyone that has a valid shipping address or P.O. box anywhere around the world can enter. Lenovo and Ivy Worldwide have partnered to make sure that all can participate.

“How will the Winner Be Chosen?”

The winner of the contest will be chosen at random using the Random.org True Random Number Generator. You don’t have to write great poetry to win, but it sure would be nice to read your best effort! Leaving a comment won’t be good enough, you have to write a technology poem to enter. While you may submit more than one poem, you are only allowed one entry per person, so multiple submissions will only count as one entry. The contest ends at 9pm EST on April 29th, and the winner will be announced the following morning on Saturday, April 30th.

What are you waiting for?

The giveaway is now over, and entries are no longer accepted!

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    It’s easier
    if you just step aside for a moment
    and let them play to learn

    Let them find the buttons
    the workarounds
    the excitement of discovering
    something new

    as you guide them from the side
    and let them
    guide you, too.

    You are explorers, together.


  2. Every now and then
    I need help from my PLN.

    Friends from Twitter, Facebook, Ning
    Their help and assistance makes me sing.

    Classroom projects, lessons or tech
    these people help avoid potential wreck.

    So here’s to you, my professional network
    Without your help I would go berserk!

  3. I wonder what we’ll do today?
    Head to Tech to play play play?
    I wish that all my classes run
    Like this one making learning fun
    Instead of droning old man voice
    Lecturing on, we have no choice
    But tune it out and wish for a say
    in planning what we’ll do today!


    They attached it to the wall.
    My fingers began to scrawl.
    It knew what I was writing.
    Wow…this is exciting!
    Pictures, sounds, a movie—
    Hey this thing is groovy!
    Add a bunch of clickers.
    Now it’s even slicker!
    The magic was performed—
    A classroom now transformed.
    I knew it from the start…
    Boy this thing is SMART!

  5. LOST

    I would like to learn,
    but can’t afford the institution
    I would love to read,
    but can’t afford the books

    I yearn to listen,
    Yet heard only echoes from a distance
    I hope to be heard,
    But what can my feeble voice do?

    Oh Age of Wonders,
    thou has came at last
    Swift as a Storm,
    did catch me before old age

    I must race time,
    to reach as many souls as I could
    Impart my knowledge,
    That thou had taught me.

    O glorious technology,
    what could be more delightful
    To be able reach out to friends and kin with a single click,
    thus has established my existence

    Oh Age of Wonders,
    O amazing technology.
    Thou have given me matter,
    and now no longer lost.

  6. Here comes Lenovo Thinkcentre,
    making our education better,
    teaching, learning, we are on our way!

    Giving every girl and boy
    A way to learn that’s full of joy,
    Playing and laughing, every single day!

    It will help with our projects
    With all of its’ fabulous specs
    Engaging, motivating, learning while we play!

    (to the tune of peter cottontail)

  7. Once I typed my thoughts.
    Now a finger brushes pixels
    Next, perhaps a glance?


    Digital natives
    Gather round the CRT, perplexed.
    Fingerprints smudge glass.


    We live in a small town
    Where nobody boss around
    The cities are all too far
    So nobody comes to see how we are

    Every time someone had to go downtown
    he had to go all the way round
    shopping, working etc, wasn’t an easy task
    but someone had to do these stuff

    Now, with a computer in every house
    its like turning the world upside down
    Everything is done in a few simple clicks
    even the old men are now computer geeks!

    Friends from Australia, France and the U.S.
    It’s like everyone lives in the same village with us
    We can play games, chat and make girlfriends
    But it seems that we’re cutting off from our real friends

  9. Love, Your Computer

    Boot me up, don’t shut me down!
    Be constructive, not destructive.

    Create with me,
    Learn with me,
    Read with me,
    Write with me.
    Laugh with me,
    Cry with me,
    Sing with me,
    Dance with me.

    Click on!

  10. My Love for technology

    The first time I laid eyes on you I have loved you

    You then showed me many exciting and wonderful things that amaze me

    You came to me like a new love to enhance my intelligence

    I embraced you in open arms and expand my horizon

    Even though my spouse is jealous of our relationship you always there for me

    Late in the night while everyone is sleep you whisper sweet thoughts into my mind

    I enjoy the conversations into how well you introduce me to the information highway

    You keep showering me with knowledge even when I think I had enough

    I will never take you for granted and always respect how you take care of me

    You are my one and only

  11. Hunt and peck or flying fingers
    Advancing technology never lingers
    Falling behind or staying up to date
    What is my students’ fate?

  12. Ode To My Lenovo

    Lenovo, Lenovo, oh, what will I do
    when I get my hands on brand-spanking new you?
    I might touch all the buttons upon your front
    and cease for eternity my new laptop hunt!

  13. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Technology makes my life easier
    And students think so too

  14. Teaching Technology

    Monitor and my Desktop
    A QWERTY Keyboard
    Mouse with my Laptop
    A power outlet cord

    Carpel tunnel syndrome
    A smooth leather chair
    Lotus for Dummies tome
    Sure would be rare

    Skyward is my Gradebook
    Mac is work’s OS
    School has no netbooks
    PC’s are the best!

    Students use the network
    To save and to store
    An awesome little perk
    Kids should never ignore

    I text, chat, and email
    Google runs the clouds
    It’s all in the details
    As a teacher, I’m proud!

  15. Technology is necessary
    in the 21st Century.

    Where computers are evident
    students are dependent.

    It’s easier with touch
    but at times it’s a crutch.

    Students are better equipped
    and can teach others quick.

    Technology keeps us moving
    students keep grooving.

  16. The boys laze in the back row
    Gazing out the window to the football field below
    Thinking about what to download, what to IM, what to text
    Thinking about what minute activity we’ll have them do next
    Why not let them collaborate and get creative
    Let’s reconnect the young digital native
    With a classroom that lets her truly explore
    What’s outside his window, or outside her door
    It’s high time that us teachers begin to re-engage
    Step out of this cage
    Rethink our tired methodologies
    Which have developed into pathologies
    Where we bang our collective heads against those four walls
    That used to contain our classroom
    But never could contain their creativity
    We’ve got to kick the staff-lounge-refrain
    “When I was young…” or “Let’s go back to basics…again”
    Because the basics are different…sure we’ve got the three R’s
    But it’s their generation we’re teaching, nor ours
    So hook into something meaningful
    There’s learning there you see
    When you think outside of tradition,
    And reach for some quality ICT
    Let’s not look back at the past with nostalgia and sorrow
    Let’s remember it’s the future we borrow
    From these kids, these huddled masses
    Who will lead us into tomorrow.

    Mike De Rose

  17. My students, my students
    Ask for more practice
    They want fun practice
    Honing their skills.
    Everyone wants a turn…
    Making their own cartoons online
    About the topics we discussin class.
    Technology is required and something
    I’d like to provide more of.
    Condsider my students for this prize.
    So much thanks is given!

  18. Touch, create, and share

    The ideas that will shape the future

    Of art, learning, life.

  19. Ode to Lenovo

    There’s a new guy in town,

    Slim, shinny and bright.

    He stands out among the old and dimming lights.

    The crowd ewws and ahhhs over the new device,

    They poke him, prode him, and he doesn’t complain,

    He complies with their request with no refrain!

    Oh, how he wishes there were more of he!

  20. L earning community builder.
    E mail communication with adminstrators and parents.
    N ew way of learning.
    O pportunity for applying 21st century skills.
    V ast network of resources at your fingertips.
    O utstanding collaborative learning tool.

  21. I surf the wayward winding road,
    That may not end in vic’try.
    But many times a good refresh,
    Will solve the frozen mystery.

  22. Students wrestle with
    New found “love” for tech gadgets
    communicate NOW

    communicate NOW
    a new knowledge taught freely
    on an open web

  23. Writ on water

    Li Po, who folded his poems
    into paper boats and sailed them
    down the stream, wouldn’t have fretted
    over data loss, but he would have saved
    his poems in the cloud
    just for the metaphor.

  24. A poem you say?
    A poem for today.

    A touch screen, how cool,
    For those at my school,

    It will be so fun,
    The students will run,

    The library will be,
    The place for all to see!

    Lenovo, yippeee!!
    Please, please do pick me! 🙂

  25. I thought i knew technology,
    Wherever I go, whatever I see,
    iPads, Androids, Touch PCs,
    It never ceases to amaze me.

    I get so much done in a day,
    Facebook, twitter helps me on the way,
    Whether at work or at play.
    Technology is here to stay!

  26. Touch Screen Computer!

    Oh the possibilites,

    Reach and Engage All!

    (not much of a poet, had to go with the Haiku)

  27. The Tech Teacher

    Tons and tons of sites to use
    written in my brain like tattoos.

    Millions of ideas blossom
    the possibilities are awesome.

    Will my students grow their skill?
    The privilege of finding out is my thrill.

  28. Bright, Shiny and New
    Drawn like a moth to a flame
    Touch the pretty colors
    and then the magic happens
    Worlds open up
    Knowledge flows in
    Communicate, Play, Learn, Grow
    The amazement never ends
    Who knew what a bundle of transistors could do?

  29. My Brilliant Mouse, a Haiku

    plastic mouse of mine
    runs wild around its pen,
    illuminating all

  30. Please oh please, listen to me
    I have this need for technology.
    Playing games, surfing the net
    are just a few of the things I can get.
    I’ve been trying hard to stay on top
    of the latest technology that I’ve got.
    Pass the butter pass the bread
    Help us win this Lenovo so we can get rid of our overhead.

  31. “Screen Generation”

    Teachers don’t teach the way they used to
    Thank God for that
    We can’t if we want to “connect” with our students
    and our new screen generation

    Black boards have turned to screens
    Typewriters to computers
    pencils to fingers
    books to touchpads

    We are in a generation of Wii
    A generation of information found online versus books
    They are growing up with technology
    And neither will stop

    You’re scared?
    There’s no reason
    Let them lead you
    Let them show you
    Let them teach you
    And that is how you will learn . . .

  32. First you learn to read,
    then you read to learn.
    First you learn to compute,
    then you compute to learn.
    First you learn to teach,
    then you teach to learn.
    First you fail to learn,
    then you learn to fail.
    First you try again,
    then you gain a try.
    First you try old things in new ways,
    then new things in new ways.
    Welcome, Information Age.

  33. Technology, or tech
    What is the correct?
    For teacher is the long
    For students is the short.
    For some it’s a workout
    For the young it’s a play.
    But the name of the game
    Within the 4 walls of school,
    Is – to break the walls down and go out top the world.

  34. I like to read books on my Nook
    ski on my Wii
    take a look at my Facebook
    and write a paper about bees on my PC
    *written by Belle 9yrs old :O)

  35. Technology

    Such a fun-filled way
    For teachers of any age
    To awake the mind

    (I’m SO not a poet!)

    🙂 ~Nicole

  36. Hey, Hey, Hey
    Whether it is a lcd
    plasma or tv, I like to watch movies
    hey hey hey
    I like watch movies.
    even my ps2 don’t play,
    I be always with my ps3
    for all the stuff to work.

    Whether related to project or nothing
    I always take time to end up with my pc.

    Chatting on facebook,
    Scraping on orkut,
    Twitting on Twitter,
    Hey I never tired.
    I never tired.

  37. Can you touch technology?

    I can see it.
    I can read and visit far away places.
    I can watch life unfold.
    But is it enough?

    I can hear it.
    I can listen to voices and music.
    I can stream news from across the sea.
    But is it enough?

    Can I feel it?
    Do certain things make me feel empathy and excitement?
    Does technology impact my mood?
    Is it enough?

    Technology can touch me.
    Technology can warm my heart.
    Technology can stimulate my brain.
    Technology can help fill my soul.

    And that is enough.

  38. Technology tools are here for the taking,
    just grab a cloud and then start making
    a new life in which to work or play;
    a new you growing night and day.

  39. RU 21?
    No longer the sage on the stage
    Or the guide on the side
    but co-constructors of learning.

    How do we live?
    How should we learn?
    Every turned off device is a turned off learner
    Take advantage of your student’s potential…

    Motivate through creativity
    Teach students to search, validate, synthesize…

    It’s time to turn 21!

  40. Technology rap
    Technology rock
    Technology roll

    Plug it in
    Boot it up
    Press the screen and see it scroll

    Meet new friends
    Waste some time
    Hit submit

    It’s technology time!

  41. Tablet
    Hard Drive
    Operating System

  42. Where would I be
    Without technology
    lost in translation
    in a digital nation.

    No smartphone
    no dialtone
    no mobile web to tide me over.

    No app store
    to game more
    and tweet the world over.

    No Facebook
    No twitter
    No Instagram or LinkedIn

    No immediate response for requests from a friend.

    No email or blogs
    No iPad or Glogs
    Just slimy old snail mail
    And hand-written data logs.

    No OpenOffice
    or Linux-based Code
    To make life compatible
    with all other Nodes.

    Where would I be
    without technology?
    Lost and unengaged
    In a digital age.

  43. Technology:

    Can be a teacher’s friend
    Can be a student’s friend

    Can be a teacher’s friend
    Can be a teacher’s foe

    Can be a teacher’s friend
    Can be a teacher’s frustration

    Can be a teacher’s friend
    Can be a teacher’s essential tool

    Can be a teacher’s friend
    Can be a district’s budget buster

    Technology: indispensable in today’s classroom

  44. Technology, thats all i ever here.
    Technology this, Technology that;
    You can be my greatest asset, yet you can be such a hindrance!
    One day you are my friend, the next, uve turned your back on me.
    Technology oh technology, how i cant seem to understand thee.

  45. Feeling the keyboards beneath my fingers
    reminds me of a society worth knowing.

    All of our minds stretching, reaching, growing…

    A way to connect to friends and family.

    A way to teach the children how life should be.

  46. I need a new computer
    My old one is so slow
    Wouldn’t surfing the net be much more fun
    On my new cool Lenovo

  47. Technology is more than just the hardware we see,

    it is knowledge, ideas, and global awareness.

    Technology shows us what the future will be,

    but it is up to the user to use it with fairness.

  48. Bytes

    Tech is a huge hit

    Not just at home
    Not just at school
    But in the hands,
    at your side,
    used as more than a tool

  49. Terrific
    One of a kind
    Open Source





  51. Tomorrow I will reaserch computers to buy
    Mac, Dell, HP, Acer I will try
    So many functions
    So many tools
    But why should I bother
    The Lenovo seems to be
    The computer I will see
    For Free

  52. Oh technology how I love thee,
    where else can i watch youtube for free?
    How else can I look up a fun recipe,
    or encourage my students to be the best they can be?

    For a student who struggles with writing at school,
    technology has provided the dragon tool.
    Now instead of their knowledge being stuck in their head,
    they can talk and technology writes for them instead.

    Some say put your cell phones away
    I say keep them out and lets take a class survey.
    One to one learning is very near,
    how exciting to present content in a different atmosphere!

    What a surpirse on my first day at school
    to walk into my room and see a new tool.
    a promethean board on my wall
    a differentiated way to present content to all

    Oh technology how I love thee,
    and all of the things you have provided for me
    but most of all my students say thank you
    for providing them an equal opportunity at school.

  53. Technology is grate for thoze ho cant spel,
    It mackes ur papers luk bettur, how swel!
    A teechur can see wat im thinkin so clearlee,
    Thank goodnes for spel chek, I luv it so deerly.

  54. Technology in Education

    Technology, shmechmology, he said.
    If I can’t use a pencil, I’d rather be dead.
    Eeek, a mouse!

    These thoughts in my head swirled.
    It is time to join the world.
    Find ways to use tech as tool.

  55. Twitter, Twitter on the wall
    Who has the most followers of all?

    Blog subscribers and Facebook friends
    The conversation never ends

    Should I post or blog or tweet?
    Or do all three and then repeat?

    On a train or with a goat
    In the rain or on a boat
    Despite the phishing and the spam
    I do so like it, Ben I am!


    We study infrastructures instead of sentence structure.
    Snow Leopards are no longer just in zoos.
    Children play with Xboxes instead of toy boxes.
    And browsing is no longer just done at the mall.

    Saving our souls is attempted while celling our souls.
    Backing up no longer requires you to move.
    We are protected by fire walls instead of fire drills.
    Cursors are no longer people who swear.

    Outerspace seems smaller than Cyberspace.
    A field is no longer used to play ball.
    You can order from a menu but you won’t receive anything to eat.
    Your home is no longer where you hang your hat.

    You can open files without picking them up.
    You no longer have to take classes to improve your memory.
    The web holds every known thing not just bugs anymore.
    CBS, NBC & FOX are no longer the major networks.

    However, one small thing is a great blessing …
    Servers no longer require tips!

  57. As I type on my mac I enter and sometimes delete,
    I can talk to many without leaving my seat,
    I use my webcam so others can see my face,
    Even if we are miles away in a different place,
    I love my music I happen to find in iTunes,
    I use it to dance around on free afternoons,
    My computer is so amazing and it always helps me,
    This is all possible thanks to brilliant technology.

  58. I sat at my computer
    And nursed my baby son.
    I watched as he played ‘puter games
    Before he had turned one

    So now it is not surprising
    That now he is a man,
    When I need ‘puter help, I ask
    And he says, “Course I can.”

  59. Oh once there was a girl
    Who gave poetry a whirl
    because she hoped to win
    a computer to make her grin.

    Go Computers!

    She used to be a computer guru
    and then crazy life made her lulu
    She got behind with technology
    and yet smart she still yearned to be.

    Go Computers!

    Really, anyone, who can say
    if this will be my lucky day?
    I hope it is true
    but others do too.

    Go Computers!

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