2010 Edublog Awards Nominations are Open!

Edublog AwardsIt’s that time of year again. Time to honor those educators and bloggers that influence your pedagogy, thoughts, and the way you see teaching and learning. Nominations are currently open for the 2010 Edublog Awards, with voting to take place later in December. I wanted to offer up my nominations before the big Thanksgiving Break next week, and encourage anyone out there in education land to do the same. The following are my nominations for the 2010 Edublog Awards:

Best Individual Blog: Bionic Teaching (http://bionicteaching.com/) – Tom Woodward delivers his raw, unvarnished thoughts on the state of education, professional development, and ed tech conferences in an honest and meaningful way. Not content to just voice his approval or disapproval, Tom always has great ideas on how to get to the core of what effective teaching and learning should look like.

Best Individual Tweeter: Bud The Teacher (@budtheteacher) – Bud Hunt is a master educator dedicated to using technology for effective communication, collaboration, and self development. Bud has close ties to the National Writing Project, and the National Council for Teachers of English, making him an excellent resource for writing and communicating in the web2.0 world.

Best Resource Sharing Blog: Out on a Lim (http://vcoutonalim.org/) – Janine Lim blogs daily about best practices in the realm of Video Conferencing, and shares the amazing connections that classes she works with make each and every day. From connections to veteran groups, classrooms in Afghanistan, and pioneering new ways to video conference, this blog is a treasure trove for any educator serious about distance learning, and the connections that are made between students.

Most Influential Tweet: Republic Of Math (@republicofmath) – “Q: What if people have to function without computers some day? A: Well, I guess they’ll just all die. http://bit.ly/16FHYzSlightly sarcastic, and filled with hyperbole, this tweet led me to the excellent conversation about education, technology, and software. The conversation is summed up in the thought that if we’re truly worried about students being able to do all of the small tiny things we make them go through each and every day, then you’re just not getting it, and that about 95% of all educational use of computers and software is “crap”.

Lifetime Achievement: Alan Levine (http://cogdogblog.com/) – Alan was on of the first edubloggers on the scene, and continues with pertinent, in-depth, and reflective posts on his blog about education, media, writing, and capitalizing on those unexpected moments that we all experience as educators.

A HUGE thanks to all of these people that influence my perception of education. There are many more out there to name, but I didn’t want the post to go on forever.

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