Don’t Adjust Your Set….

You’re not experiencing technical difficulties, but it may appear that way throughout the week. If you’re a regular reader or a newcomer to the site, you’ll notice that at times this week there may be changes to the layout with the possibility of several errors and images misplaced. I’ll be tweaking and trying to create a new layout this week (hopefully without spilling over into next week), so there may be some confusing moments while viewing the site in which images are floating on top of each other, and sidebar information will be added, deleted, and otherwise edited. Since I haven’t found a way to make these changes without the changes being live, I’m sorry to have to subject anyone to it. Hopefully the new layout will be easier to navigate , allow readers to gather information easier from the site, and incourage greater interaction.

If you have any suggestions I’m game, just leave a comment. I can’t promise that I’ll incorporate every suggestion into the new design, but I will take the time to read and consider each comment. Once the new design is finalized I’ll make a post so everyone knows that the “Frankenstein” process is over.