Must See Video for Music & Video Production Teachers

This is an incredible video. Any music or video production teachers that could figure this video out and be able to inspire and/or help their students create something half as awesome would earn “Teacher of the Year” from me every year.

At the very least, having the students watch this video and giving them extra credit for being able to “figure” out how it was done (as encouraged by MysterGuitarMan at the end of the video) would go a long way to empowering students to explore what they can do with music and video in creative new ways.

The rest of MysterGuitarMan’s videos are just as fun and creative as this one, and 99% kid safe, but you still want to preview anything on YouTube that you use in class.


    1. Yeah, that’s exactly the same thought I had. The fact that this is a single shot, with some obvious trickery going on to put himself in multiple times makes it so mind-blowing…imagine how much fun a video production class would have trying to recreate it.

  1. I love hearing audio tracks layered this way. It’s how many one-man-bands can produce full band music. The video was intriguing, I like your idea of “extra credit’ for students. Great project to try. Doable with a simple HD flip and and audio program like Garageband.

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