MS Publisher Comics – Student Examples

Against my wife’s better judgment, I’m at school today despite spending most of Sunday on the couch dealing with a flu-like fatigue. There was too much to take care of today in class today, so I took some Vicks Dayquil and am powering through this morning.

Not wanting to dwell on my personal health, I thought I’d share some of the results of my Publisher Comics that my kids have been working on for the past week. Since this is the first time I’ve ever tried this particular project on the computer, I gave them a week to work on it, developing sentences from their spelling work into comic pages. For those that didn’t read the original post about MS Publisher Comics, I created a simple template for the students using different shaped boxes and cells, and then had them turn the work they were doing with synonyms into short comic strips.

Most came out well, although some students had difficulty transforming sentences into a multi-panel comic. I allowed them to use images from clipart, the Internet, and those they drew themselves, but no one took me up on the last one (they were too excited about finding images on the net). It was nice to see them be so creative using a wide range of images, but a nice bonus is that it was clearly evident as to who really understood the meanings of the spelling words, and who was struggling with using the synonyms of the words in the proper way. Every student created at least one short strip that made sense, had a bit of humor, and showed me that they understood the word, with some students doing even better. Since this was an extension activity to our normal work I wasn’t too worried that not every student fully comprehended the assignment, but I was glad that all of them at least had a basic understanding of what to do. Below are a few examples (high and low) for you’re reading pleasure. I put them into PDF format so you don’t have to worry about having the correct version of Publisher.

Comic 1

Comic 2

Comic 3