1 Projector, 3 Uses

Often I get a lot of questions from teachers who have limited technology in their classrooms, and want to make sure they’re using what little they have as effectively as possible. Often, a teacher will only have one computer and a projector (maybe a student machine or two) in the classroom with them, and besides showing regular lecture notes and slideshows, or the occasional website, some teachers are at a loss for what else to do with their projector. So, based on a helpful tweet from @doosting last Friday I put together this video over the weekend.

Enjoy these 3 very simple ideas for using a projector in your classroom to enhance learning for your students, and if you have more suggestions, please share!


  1. I like to use the projector to show you tube clips of TMBG There Goes Science videos. The kids like science and art. Plus, they always have questions, so it’s fun to look them up and see the answers instantly!

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