My Fellow Americans…

No I’m not running for president (although I think my popularity polls would be higher than Mr. Bush’s right now). I’m off to MACUL tomorrow and I just happen to be running for the Board of Directors. If you haven’t voted yet I would greatly appreciate your support in the elections as I’m hoping to increase the outreach of MACUL to those educators in Michigan that want to use technology, but are too intimidated, reluctant, or financially unable to attend a large conference like MACUL. As a younger educator, and part “digital native” myself, I would also like to promote the practical everyday use of technology in the classroom with increased hands on opportunities from MACUL, keeping technology for increased student creativity at the forefront of our organization’s goals.

Sorry, I’m stepping down from my soapbox now. But I don’t want to disappoint those that stopped by the site seeking some sort of great tools for studying the presidents. Here are a few offbeat sites (sorry I’ve been on a bit of a “look at these sites” kick lately) that may come in handy while studying US Presidents. Presidential Diseases is an interesting site that I found while reading Tom’s blog recently. This site provides a detailed list of each president’s documented diseases. In some cases it’s not a pretty list, but it’s interesting to see how many suffered from depression and hypertension. There are even links to many of the diseases for those who need to know what the maladies are. If you’re looking for something a bit more morbid, the Medical History of the Presidents can tell you exactly what each of the president’s passed away from as well as other conditions that they had but lived through. A much more detailed examination of every President’s health can be found at the site.

Not interested in what made the former Presidents cough? has a History of the Presidential Elections. You can see graphics breaking down electoral votes for each election, what Presidential elections were disputed (the one in 2000 wasn’t the first), and other useful informational about our electoral process. More recent elections also provide information about the popular vote, which states were carried for candidates, and a brief synopsis of the major political parties’ conventions. Quite a useful site for an American Government or History class.


  1. I wondered if you were presenting the “Tech Savvy Educator” at MACUL and (if so) where are you on the schedule.
    I also like your format. I believe that you are using “Word Press” which offers Dreamweaver templates. I would like to combine several blogs eventually. Could you send a brief explanation of how Word Press works? Thanks Deb

  2. Hi Deb; I am presenting at MACUL. I guess I should have posted this last week, but I’ll be in the Grandview A room on Friday morning at 8:30. You’ll have to get up early after the party night, but it should be fun to see and meet everyone face to face.

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