Fresh Links are Temporarily Down

I woke up this morning after travelling most of Friday and Saturday only to find that the website which hosts our Fresh Links has dissappeared. Without warning, notice, or any other indication it seems to have vanished and been replaced with some random domain parking web page in it’s place advertising for restaurants. My first guess (and hopefully the correct one) is that the site still in fact exists, but has been hacked or otherwise redirected to the 805lunch site by some malicious user. My second guess (and hopefully NOT the correct one) is that the site has shutdown. The next few days will prove which is true, but until that time I’ll be trying to contact the owner(s) of, the social bookmarking site that was hosting our Fresh Links. I’ll also be trying to piece back together the contents of the Fresh Links using some cached sites on the Internet that were picking up the feeds. Whether or not the bookmarking site comes back, we should have the Fresh Links back up and running by week’s end.

I apologize profusely to anyone that uses the resources provided on the Fresh Links, especially those that might subscribe to it’s RSS feed. It has always been my intention to provide a reliable, well maintained, and practical collection of ed tech resources here on the site, and now one of the technologies which I had come to rely on appears to be missing in action. With luck the service will be up and back to normal in a timely manner, but until then I am truly sorry for the inconvenience; we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging šŸ™‚


  1. Works for me as well. Jots seems to be up. It is a fear of mine that all the free sites I rely on may suddenly dissapear. I’ve got a lot invested in various sites with no real control over what may happen. Not a pleasant thought.

  2. Yeah, apparently the fine people over at Jots were on top of things faster than I thought. Within a day the site is back up and running with no problems, so I’m guessing it was just a hacker/malicious user issue. What the problem was, I’m glad it didn’t last very long.

    OR, I could have just fixed it that quickly šŸ˜›

    Tom, you have a very good point. Although social bookmarking, file sharing, image sharing, and other social networks are so pervasive, there comes a time when something like this morning happens and you realize that all of your work, effort, and resources are at the mercy of another individual. It’s not an easy pill to swallow, but it’s nice to know there’s a large group of altruistic individuals out on the net willing to provide us such wonderful tools.

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