Google Demo Slam – Typing Race

This video is a long time in production, and certainly wasn’t posted in time for the excellent Google sponsored Demo Slam competition, but I like to follow through on my projects, whether they’re on time or not. As an aside, being the first person in a school district to make the leap to start publishing via YouTube is a HUGE anxiety-creating monster, especially when you’re the one setting the example for the teaching staff in the district. I fully expect many teachers to be asking about creating their own YouTube channel by day’s end (I already have one request in my inbox), but I’m thinking I’ll steer them towards Vimeo as a better solution in terms of manageability, the much more well behaved community on Vimeo, and the ease of use (don’t have to create a Google Account to use Vimeo).

I produced this video with the help of Jason Valade (@jay2thavee), a technology teacher in my school district at the Later Elementary school. The 5th graders absolutely loved doing this, and we got some great feedback from staff on our creative use of Google Docs. Enjoy!


    1. Thanks Pam!

      We really wanted to get it up in time for the official Google contest, but we’re just happy to have it up regardless. I might put this out there for students next year to create their own, see what comes from it.

    1. Rob,

      Feel free to check out my big post about why I love Schooltube here ( I really love their service, but I feel there’s certainly room for all of the video sharing sites given the intended audience and purpose. For simply posting student projects, I use Schooltube, but for videos for staff and student consumption I use Vimeo. I used YouTube for this because I wanted people watching to easily find other Demo Slam videos πŸ™‚

  1. You guys are awesome! This was a really great idea… I’ll definitely be showing this to lots of people in the coming weeks… might even try a few races my self πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks JR! We’re honored to have it shown off.

      We ran into a lot of technical issues in making it, and editing together the footage from all the different cameras was a chore, but in the end not only were we proud of it, but we helped the district figure out a lot of bugs in helping Google Apps run much more smoothly!

    1. This looks different than the last Typing Race game I played. I’ll have to pass it on, see who bites in my district. As long as players aren’t submitting their own copy to practice with (happens with a few “connected game”) so inappropriate copy is submitted, it looks nice.

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