Free USB Thermometers

Special thanks to Falconphysics, one of the forum’s conscientious members, for sharing this amazing giveaway offer. Vernier Software & Technology is giving away a FREE Go!Temp USB Thermometer with Logger Lite software to every elementary, middle school, and high school in the United States in honor of their 25th anniversary. Quite the gift for a silver anniversary, especially considering the number of schools in the U.S. The process was actually pretty simple, with only a minimal amount of information needed in order to get the free USB Thermometer. I highly suggest any science teachers or departments out there that need an extra thermometer to register for one.


Imagine being able to plug the thermometer into your desktop or laptop and perform data-driven experiments instead of conceptual demonstrations. You could record the temperature of water as various stages (solid ice, liquid, gas as a steam) and then take actual measurements of how salt affects the boiling or freezing points (great real world examples for cooking or winter time de-icing).

You wouldn’t have to worry about the dangers or expense of breaking older glass thermometers, feeling comfortable enough to let even younger elementary students take measurements on their own or in small groups. Students could be given assigned “lab times” to test the effectiveness of an insulator throughout the day and record their findings directly to the computer for easy graphing or comparison.

I’m sure there are many more uses for a handy computer-connected thermometer, but as I have yet to play with one myself I’m eager to receive our school’s to brainstorm more ideas. Although I’m sure Falconphysics already has plenty of ideas ready for sharing.

Vernier USB Thermometer Giveaway


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