Water Splashes in Super Slow Motion – 4000 fps

Pssst! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m secretly becoming addicted to Vimeo, and videos like this one don’t do anything to help me cope with it.

I’m a HUGE fan of finding short media to help illustrate a concept, inspire students, or challenge learners to try something they may never have attempted before. It’s rare that I can find a video that does all three, but I believe I’ve found one in this incredibly serene moving picture

I imagine this video could be useful in dozens of different ways, but the few that come to mind would be as a writing prompt in a composition or creative writing course, a slow motion example of water displacement in a science class, or as a challenge for video production students to capture an equally moving piece of imagery.

If you don’t agree, then at least you’ve had a few moments of Zen today…in fact, you should go back and watch it at least once more for fullest effect.


  1. I have used several videos in slow motion similar to this one. Many of the ones I use come from Myth Busters to illustrate multiple concepts that we can see in real time. For examples when addressing why cars are designed to crumple upon impact so the the impact time is increase thus reducing the force of impact on drivers by dispersing energy. Another is using the gas laws when looking at explosions and how the shock wave that follows the burst is the deadliest part of the ordeal. There are several videos that can be used for these purposes at the following website: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/videos/most-popular-high-speed-videos.htm.

    1. I LOVE the rocket sled completely crushing the compact car, what is that a Ford? Thanks for sharing the clips, just wish I didn’t have to watch the commercials between each one. If you get the chance, or want your students to sort through a bunch of clips, there’s a HUGE archive and directory of high speed clips collected by Colorado State University (http://high_speed_video.colostate.edu/).

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