It’s FOIL Time!

For your Friday video watching pleasure, imagine just how engaged these students were with the material they were working with while creating this video. Especially considering how dry and unengaging teaching the FOIL method can be.


For those curious about where this video came from, you should really check out Rushton Hurley’s Next Vista for Learning site, which hosts dozens of engaging learning videos, most of them created by students! This video came from the Lightbulbs section, which is mostly brief introductions to concepts, giving teachers some engaging hooks to start a new unit or project.


  1. Ben, thanks for posting this link! We’ve had a good number of teachers showing the finalists from the Nebraska 90 contest (link on our front page) to their students, asking them which ones they thought were the best and why. Hopefully it will encourage teachers and students to push themselves even farther with their digital media work.

    If I can be of any help to you or your readers for activities like this, just let me know.

    1. I’m a huge fan of what you do, Rushton, so a special thanks for making these videos and the hosting available. We have a small cadre of teachers district wide beginning to explore what it means to create engaging and effective podcasts, video, and other digital media content, so I may have some people interested in working with you in the near future.

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