Kindly Ignore the 100 ft. Marshmallow Man

For those that might be utterly confused with why I’m posting the following image, I’m taking part in an intensive 5 week digital storytelling course through the University of Mary Washington. No, I’m not receiving credit, and I don’t even have to make all the deadlines…..I’m just an edu-geek like that! Suffice it to say, things like a screaming, rampaging stay puft marshmallow man will most likely be the least strange thing posted to my blog in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Would you like to make a really groovy, geeky, and potentially uselful animated GIF to help illustrate a digital story in your classroom? Check out this excellent tutorial using all FREE tools, courtesy of @jimgroom.


  1. Brilliantly played. The stay puff mashmellow man is coming. What’s excellent about this one is the two shot approach allows the continuity. Brilliant! It’s a official!

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