Peace and Quiet by techsavvyed

It’s the 4th of July here in the United States, a day to celebrate our independence, our freedom, but mostly in modern America what we celebrate is enjoying a little summer relaxation before the big fireworks show at night. Here’s a brief sound effect story for your ears that hopefully conveys my attempts to relax today. All of the sounds were captured by myself with the aid of my 19 month old son, and the voice memo app on my iPhone.


  1. So well done, I love how the screaming leads us up to the Shhhhhhhhh. And what is probably funniest about this is I listened to it with my 19 month old, and he started screaming along with your, and stopped when you shhhhhhh’d him, which was surreal, he had no sense of listening, it was happening—and that is something unique about audio, it is injected right into the brain no matter how old you are.

    Rad, and experience cam of this post.

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