Exploring the Adobe Edu Exchange – Expanded Algorithms

I was recently asked by some nice people that work with Adobe to help spread the word about the Adobe Education Exchange, and a little contest they have going on over there. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m providing that information up front, but more importantly, I wanted to critique some of the content that’s on the Education Exchange. Some of the resources seem more like advertisements for upcoming books and resources that you should buy in order to be a better teacher with Photoshop, while other resources are actually quite useful (if even in a limited capacity). Below is a video of me exploring a simple animatic that helps learners remember how to work with expanded algorithms in simple additions problems. It’s actually a WHOLE lot less complicated than it sounds 🙂

There are a bunch of “previews” of upcoming projects, and resources that point towards purchasing solutions, which I’m really not too excited about. I’d link to them, but it’s not worth it. There are however, some very interesting lessons about exploring artists’ work like Chihuly, geometric understanding, and even tackling global issues (something near and dear to my heart). If you have a moment, you really should go check out some of the entries in the 2011 Educator’s Choice Awards for some lesson and resource ideas.


  1. What I like about the Adobe Education Exchange is the online webinar they provide. Unfortunately it is only limited and only accessible by Adobe members. I haven’t seen the video, which was given above, because I couldn’t see the play button. But I checked the website of the Adobe exchange and I should better try to look for suitable webinar for me.

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