Taming the Wild Wild Web – Twitter Intro for Teachers

About a week or so ago, I found an interesting video out there on the internet and uploaded it to my YouTube channel in hopes of giving it a bit more exposure. It was a video of…..get this….a cowboy, living out on the “wild wild web”, trying to explain to teachers how to help setup a Facebook Page so they could connect with students in a familiar setting without having to “befriend them” on the social networking platform.

Well, it would seem that this Wyatt “Hoss” Rancher character is at it again, although why a cowboy living out on what he likes to call the “wild wild web” wants to help out teachers is beyond me. This time he’s introducing Twitter, specifically setting up a protected Twitter account so you can share information with parents, students, or friends of the classroom and have some amount of privacy, because after all, as the video states, Twitter is the “wildest website” of them all.

As I said the last time I found one of Wyatt’s videos and uploaded it my YouTube channel, I’m not sure how well he would go over if presented in a formal professional development session, hence me sharing him on my blog, rather than presenting his videos during a workshop. If you have a moment, please feel free to take the one question survey below to help me decide how I might be able to use this character’s videos.


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