Brief and Shallow Investigation of Careers in Art

It’s Friday, I’m burned out, and this video single handily restored my energy! It’s brilliant in its honesty, sincerity, and technique. I have a feeling that if you happen to be a student in Tricia Fuglestad’s classroom, you’re blessed each and every time you find yourself in a creative mood with a teacher that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

Just take a look at her video for proper “glue safety” in the art room, something that’s near and dear to my wife’s heart as an elementary art teacher.

If you want to see a teacher practicing great 21st century skills by opening up her classroom to the world, go check out her wiki, FugleFlicks, and check out some of the creativity that she brings into her teaching.

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  1. it is absolutely amazing! i like these teaching/educational methods. they are called “alternative’ methods i think. i read an article about waldorf based teaching, it should be a kind of like this.

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