The EduBlog Award Nominations!

From the EduBlog Award site:

“The independently run, community-based awards programme which recognizes and promotes excellence in the educational use of social software.”

In other words: it’s the Eddies! For all those just new to Edublogging, or a veteran of many posts, it’s the time of the year for the third annual EduBlog awards. Hosted by the kind folks over at Incorporated Subversion, the EduBlog Awards are an attempt to bring together the larger Edublogging community to share, discuss, and experience all of the new discoveries, thoughtful posts, and motivational resources that educators posts to their blogs every day. It’s also touted as a way to “refocus the debate” on whether student and learner use of new social technologies is “irresponsible, dangerous [and] illegal”, OR “look at the positive, powerful and transformative work which continues to be demonstrated.” Personally, I’m on the positive, powerful side, and if you’re reading this right now you probably are too.

Nominations are open to all currently blogging Edubloggers (sorry those of you out there not blogging yet). With ten different categories, and the possibility to nominate 2 blogs in each category, there’s plenty of room for lots of great Edublogs to be nominated. The nominations are only open until the 30th of November, so if you haven’t already, take a little bit of time to cut and paste the nominations template into an e-mail and send it to: You don’t have to make nominations for each category, and make sure to include the address of YOUR blog so the organizers know you’re an Edublogger. Voting will be held in early December, with the awards being broadcast on the 15th of December. Since voting is done by the Edublogging community it’s really a “people’s choice” awards for all of the hard work and inciteful comments that hundreds of educators write every day.

For more information click here for the 2006 EduBlog Award Nomination Process, or take a look at last year’s 2005 EduBlog Award Winners.

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  1. Your blog is worthy of praise and awards by the edublogging industry, and it’s nice to see that you’re listed among the “top 100 education blogs.” Nothing wrong with a little recognition, when deserved. I enjoy reading and will keep coming back for more.

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