Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Giveaway!

Low and behold, after all of the great deals on Black Friday and this Cyber Monday, the Tech Savvy Educator has one more irresistible offer – 2 copies of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 will be given away this week here on the site, and all readers are welcome to enter! With special help from Nuance, the maker of NaturallySpeaking 9, for the next four days readers can enter for a chance to win one of two copies that we’re giving away.

What is NaturallySpeaking 9? From my experience with the software, it’s one of the best voice recognition programs on the market. Having seen it used in doctor’s offices to transcribe notes, to using it in special education settings for students with dexterity and mobility problems, this software is a powerful way for anyone to use a computer without having to use their hands. One of the disabled students that lived in my dormitory in college used this software (albeit an earlier version) and I was constantly amazed at how accurately it could be used to surf the web, navigate programs, and translate spoken voice into typed words in any word processing program.

So as not to sound too much like a commercial here are my personal thoughts; NaturallySpeaking is a fantastic program when it comes to voice recognition. Most Intermediate School Districts usually have a small lab or traveling laptops with the software installed for disabled students, but other uses for the software could include helping struggling or frustrated writers practice their prose and composition without having to worry about spelling. And trust me, when it comes to spelling and grammar there are far too many students that panic as soon as they see the little red squiggles on the computer under their words. So if you’ve had a chance to use it before, and would like a copy for your own classroom, answer the short questions below or visit the special giveaway page and enter your name and e-mail. The giveaway ends on Thursday, November 30th at 10 pm EST.


  1. Seeing-Hearing is believing. I became fascinated by November 29,2006 blog review of “Naturally Speaking 9”. In classrooms, where many kids are trying to begin these whole language concepts and where there might be a project for ELL struggling speakers, this product seems to have much potential for forming groups of self mentoring students. Among lower grades and other categories of students, obtaining real work for them in Language Arts, is a time critical task. I say this product deserves a “shout”.

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