NaturallySpeaking 9 Giveaway – Only 2 days left

I thought I’d just toss out a reminder that there’s only 2 days left for the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Giveaway here on the Tech Savvy Educator. Just click here to go to the entry page, answer a couple of questions (quite humorous ones at that) and then enter you name and e-mail for the drawing. We have two copies to give away, and the drawing is open until tomorrow evening, November 30th, at 10 EST.

For those not familiar with the software, read all about it here on my original post. For those already in the know, I was playing around with the software last night and I thought it would make a great tool for creating collaborative stories. If you ahd a computer station in your calssroom, you could have students spend about 3-5 minutes dictating a story. Another student would then sit down and continue telling the story based on what the previous student had said. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about the typing ability of the student, especially in the lower grades. Students could see their words typed as they were spoken, giving them some visual reference for how certain word parts and sounds are written. Sort of a “whole language” approach to reading and writing. I have some microphone headsets here at school, and I’m tempted to convince the “powers that be” to get a few copies of NaturallySpeaking for a trial run of some sort of collaborative sotry project.