Down the Rabbit Hole with DS106


  1. Hi Ben,
    I’ve recently signed up for ds106 with some of the worries about time/egos/confidence that you alluded to above.

    Your post is pretty reassuring and also the best description of ds106 I’ve seen to pass on to other folk to try and explain what it is.

    The other thing I’ve noticed already is that although some of the ds106 rhetoric seems pretty hot and heavy from the outside it is as welcoming an online community as I’ve seen.

    1. The community really is key for this course, especially since there’s no artificial impetus of paying for credits (at least for the open online students). Whether you’re losing sleep over the assignments or just chiming in now and then, you can always find a nice welcome embrace from the community, especially if you’re willing to pass on a few comments on others’ work.

    1. It’s incredibly difficult to capture the typical experience one has with ds106 because it’s both very young still, and doesn’t follow a typical course format that ensures everyone has the same experience.

      In the brief time that it’s been in existence (a little more than a year I believe), it’s gone through several versions, complete with different fictional course narratives, and participants being able to pick and choose which assignments they complete, means they have a bit more autonomy to stay away from the portions that don’t “speak” to them.

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