Ben’s Bargains

Every teacher, whether tech-savvy or not, should always have a few decent gadgets at their disposal, or at least a way to find some modestly, if not downright bargain, priced gadgets for their teaching needs. Online retailers sell everything from memory cards for classroom digital cameras, web cams for producing class videos, or discounted premium coffee makers for that before-class pick me up. How does one sort through all of the mailers, advertisements, and online discounts? Just ask Ben.

Ben's Bargains

While I would love to take personal responsibility for finding each and everyone one of the bargains found on the following site, Ben’s Bargains is run by a completely different and all together Internet-savvy fellow that shares my name. And a decidedly more active Internet user than I could ever hope to be as Ben claims that…

“He has updated the site continuously, without a missed day, for over six years. Back in “the day” that meant logging in via 56k dialup from wherever he happened to be, including crummy motels on I-80 on several cross-country road trips he took during his college years.”

Wow, and my wife thought I was addicted to the Internet. As one of the leading sites on the web for bargain shopping (the forum is HUGE!), Ben continues to update religiously with amazing deals and discounts from office furniture to cheap mp3 players and blank CDs (a MUST for anyone looking to backup student created work). I’m tempted to even include his RSS feed here on the site, but for now check it out yourself. After all, despite the educational theory, learning models, and emphasis on curriculum-driven lessons, it’s often the little gadgets and materials that make learning with technology a little smoother.

Special thanks to the “Let’s Talk Technology” blog for sharing this resource.

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