Top 100 Education Blogs

Top 100 Education BlogsNews about the Online Education Database’s recent list of their picks for the top 100 education blogs is circulating on other blogs, so I thought I’d jump on “tooting my own horn” bandwagon and gratefully accept the honor. After reading through the list I’m terribly flattered that my blog would be included on a list with the likes of such Edublogger heavyweights like Will Richardson, Bud Hunt, and many others. I respect these bloggers’ writings, incitefulness, and passion for educational technology, so it’s a thrill that I’m at least rubbing “digital elbows” with them, if not in real life.

Also honored is Tom Woodward, who had not one, but two of his blogs on the top 100 list. Congratulations Tom! As a valued member of the community here, it’s great to see that recognition for your work is appreciated across the web.


  1. Ben-

    It is nice to be in the company of the big timers isn’t it? I’m a little iffy on the list- in part because I’m in their twice. Makes me wonder. It’s Christmas so I’ll just be happy for myself and you.

    In the end I think you feeling like I’m of use here matters more to me. Thanks for that and for all the ideas, support and encouragement you’ve given me over the years. You make a big difference and I think that’s something we all probably need to hear more.

    Have a great holiday,


  2. Congratulations to you both! That’s a nice acknowledgment for all your hard work. It just makes me want to work harder to get onto a list like that.

    Tom, realize that the idea of making a difference applies to both you and Ben.

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