Who Watches the Watchmen?

Who watches the watchmen? If teachers are to be held accountable now for every single result that their students achieve on any and all testing, who makes sure that every single teacher in a school building is bringing their “A” game every single day? If it falls upon the administrators, then who is it that makes sure those principals and evaluators are able to observe every single teacher, each and every week, in order to maintain at least a semblance of consistency? If each and every state is going to hire external monitors, pay for expensive testing protocols, and report data in a near-constant stream to the public, which oversight body of elected officials or bureaucrats is going to have to spend every waking moment following through on this? If all of these measures are going to cost millions, if not billions, of dollars, where is that money coming from, and what could it be paying for in education in it’s stead? Who are the tax payers and voters that ultimately have to hold this entire process accountable, or at the very least, know enough about it so they can shut it down when it becomes far too cumbersome, inefficient, and completely irrelevant to predicting students’ success in the real world?

My fear, is that nobody is watching the watchmen, and they have run amok with our schools.