Forum Friday – Shakespeare & MySpace

This Monday will find me back in the classroom, and while I’ve enjoyed these last two weeks off, I’m eager to get started on several new projects with my students. I’m even more excited about new stumbling blocks and successes to reflect upon, although I’m hopeful there are more triumphs than setbacks. Before all of the kiddies come back to school, eager to learn and talk my ear off about their new toys from Christmas, I thought I’d point out a hilarious, yet wonderfully educational “mash up” project done by Tom, otherwise known as BionicTeacher on the forum. Tom was not only recently listed as a top EduBlogger, but he also does a fantastic job of helping several hundred middle schoolers and their teachers find creative ways to use their laptops (it’s a 1 to 1 laptop school) while learning.

Medieval Spaces


A fun and easily adaptable project for exploring novel/play characters and their interactions. The made MySpace style pages for characters in Richard III which demonstrate their understanding of the characters and their relationships to one another.

It turned out really well in my opinion and the kids loved it.

Check them out at

You can check out all of the follow up comments, or add your own, on the original post here. I was really excited to read these “MedievalSpace” pages, as Tom took a highly engaging website and social networking aspect (sharing your likes, dislikes, friends, etc.) to have the students create their own character pages. Because really when it comes down to it, most Shakespearean plays are soap operas already, and the characters within them lend themselves perfectly to the “ME ME ME” nature of MySpace. I especially like the way that other characters have left comments on each other’s pages, true to MySpace form.