Adopt a Classroom

Special Thanks to one of newest members for this website. It addresses one of the issues that we all must face when trying to provide technological equipment (computers, handhelds, projectors, and those fun little gadgets that go “ping!”) in our rooms. Adopt a Classroom is a non-profit website dedicated to helping educators fund ideas, projects, and classroom activities. Apparently, it was calculated that we as educators spend an average of $800 a year on extra supplies and tools to meet basic classroom needs. While Adopt a Classroom isn’t offering to pay for all of those supplies, they have setup a rather ingenious system to help classrooms out.

I won’t bore you with how the program works as you can read that on your own, but it’s free for teachers to register their class. All you need is a valid e-mail address, a school that was established before August 21, 2005, and be a teacher at a public school (sorry parochial folks). Once registered your classroom will be listed for adoption. Once adopted, you are encouraged to communicate with your sponsor through thank-you cards, sending student art or other work, and inviting them into your classroom for a visit. The reward for all of this? A $500 merchandise credit to spend on supplies! I’d say this one is definitely going to be used in my room this coming school year.

Thanks for sharing this site Todd!

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