Framework for Systemic Improvement – Elementary Educator Edition

I’m at the ISTE Leadership Forum today and tomorrow, getting schooled by some serious hard-core academic types that take learning extremely seriously. These amazing educators have devoted a large amount of their life’s work to helping establish lots of frameworks, graphic organizers, and other tools to help us visualize how various components work together.

For example, here’s the Framework for Systemic Improvement we were shown this morning at the opening session:

I’m not sure why or what compelled me to spend a good portion of my day struggling with Adobe Illustrator to create what I hope is seen as a rather humorous, yet effective homage to this framework from an elementary educator’s perspective, but here it is:

Like I said, I’m not sure why I created it, but something inside my elementary educator’s brain just wanted to splash some Comic Sans and color all over this graphic. To any ISTE Leadership Forum attendees, I hope you enjoy!


    1. I really wanted to add some Microsoft clipart to the four main points in addition to the Comic Sans, maybe version 2.0 will have clippy tossed in as well šŸ™‚

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