Forum Friday – The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

No, today’s Forum Friday post is NOT about Ann Coulter’s website, which I won’t even dignify with a link. Today’s post comes from the earliest days of the forum, when it was but a few humble posts. Shawn Knaack (aka knaacks), one of the original moderators, shared a wonderful gem of a site for elementary and middle school students; The Yuckiest Site on the Internet!

I have been using this site for years (even before THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL took it over.) My middle schoolers love it. Check out “Your gross and cool body.” The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

This is a great site for roaches as well. I borrowed and revised a webquest on Insects a couple of years ago and incorporated some of the online resources available here in Yucky Roach World. It’s a good place for anatomy of cockroaches and fun facts.

Short sweet, and to the point, but an absolute MUST visit for those students that not only crave that “gross-out” factor (which many do), but also for those students that are curious about all of the little questions. Your Gross & Cool Body addresses questions like “what exactly make you burp”, “where does that nasty eye junk you get in the morning comes from”, and the ever popular “what is poop?”

Now before you close your browser and think, “GREAT! Another site I have to block so the students don’t start up with poop jokes”, the Yuckiest Site on the Internet really helps break down the taboo, giggly, and uncomfortable nature of bodily processes, and helps diffuse the silliness of our bodies by confronting issues head on (in much the same way toddler books that tackle the same subject do), and quickly turns the conversation into a very scientific approach (ala the Magic School Bus). Narrated by talking worms (cartoonish ones) is an added bonus as it helps keep the conversations light and not overly serious. And of course, if the gross bodily topics don’t suit your needs, you can always check out Worm World, which explores how worms help our environment, or Yucky Roach World (a great site all about how roaches are misunderstood and what they’re really like).


  1. Heh, I had no idea we even had that one! Glad you posted about it. Have to see if I can make some connections between the DEN site and that one. Disgustingly cool site.

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