Michigan Educators, You Need a Smile Today

Public educators in Michigan have been under an extreme amount of pressure and stress lately. Our state legislature is getting ready to completely overhaul the funding model of public education, create a state-wide school district that is untethered from meeting assessment standards should the Governor choose, and then this happened earlier today.

I’m not going to go into more detail (for now) and debate where I stand on any of these issues. The unfortunate reality is that what I feel is good or bad in all of this news is moot; elected officials making these changes are in the majority, and pointing out positive or negative highlights in any of the legislation isn’t what’s going on right now in our state. In fact, just about the only thing happening in our state right now is both sides pointing fingers at each other and trying to both yell the same thing simultaneously, “I’m right, you’re wrong!”.

So in the spirit of trying to briefly lift the spirits of people that might be weary on either side of the debacle debate, you should take a moment and just enjoy the following Youtube clip. It’s one of just many in a series subtitled (Kids Tell, Adults Act), a hilarious premise for short skits in which children’s conversations are over-acted and made gloriously funny by adult actors.

Enjoy, and if this didn’t make you smile, I’m sorry, I’m not sure what will today. It worked for me!

P.S. Special thanks to Derek Braman for sharing this with the #michED people last night.